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Now is the time...
M u e l l e r   p o r t r a i t s

Record for all time, in heirloom quality portraiture a person of great significance in your life. Corporate and private, individual or groups a painting can be of highly refined or loose style painting. The settings can be formal or very informal, capturing the subject"s favorite activities.  My portfolio includes Governors, State Senators,  corporate leaders and private family portraits. The categories of samples above will show you just how many ways a beautiful memory can be preserved.                                                                                                                                                           

Voinovich, George V. darker.JPG
Many options are available. Choose a formal portrait pose or something very informal that captures an experience, a favorite past time with your loved one doing what they love to do.  Both subjects are available in a highly refined style or a loose sketch style
flower girls adj_edited_edited.jpg

Refined portraits (formal or informal) starting at $6000
Loose Oil Sketches starting at $2100
Drawings starting at $1350

Now is the perfect time capture the essence of that special person and one of the many fleeting moments in their life.  Sometimes we wait until a precious phase in our child"s or other family member’s life has passed, then we wish we had made a document of it in some way. I present to you an opportunity to create a beautiful visual memory captured forever on a quality artists’ canvas.    --  one that will last generations to come.            -David Mueller

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