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Dedicated to my parents

This website is dedicated to my mother and to the memory of my father.

Deep within me, my mom Sandy instilled a heightened sense of wonder. My observation of the natural world was fostered by explorations in the north woods and appreciation for the beauty all around us no matter where we were when I was a child and no matter where I am today.



My father


( 1937-1991)

was one of those who, I believe, had that natural gift.  With very little formal training,

he was able to see the world a little differently and put it down on paper"off the top of his head".

while I did not realize the significance of it early on, through my life I saw my father's gifts, artistic and otherwise, touch many people. Mant times he put a smile on a face or added warmth to a heart.  I learned that these are the true gifts of artistic expression.

I have grown to appreciate and understand the importance of my dad's abilities and the parts of them that he passed on to me.  the contributions people like him make to our world justify the profound loss we feel when they leave us and help us to understand the importance of carrying on in the same manner, with the gifts bestowed upon us.

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