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My Story -


The title of my, as of yet unwritten book is It Chooses You.  It says so much about

those who live an art life. I sincerely believe that I am supposed to be doing this.  Painting is my passion, my frustration, my elation and my link to so very many wonderful people that have enriched my life in innumerable ways. I guess you could say my art is kind of a window to my soul revealing very personal aesthetic preferences.


My dad, his brother and my mother all were creative. My mom in the area of crafts, the Mueller brothers were both cartoonists.  I cannot do what they did, drawing a scenario infused with humor drawn in pencil and ink straight “off the top of my head”   .....and my father could not render in full color and value the way that I do now. But it's certainly in the genes.


I describe my work as Painterly Realism.  I like to exhibit a balance on my canvas of showing my ability to draw and paint a human form or portrait well. Many times, I like to compliment it with something decorative - art within art.  But I also like to show the paint strokes, the so-called unfinished areas of my composition in an impressionistic way.  I  love the balance of more refined and less refined.


People often use the phrase, you have such a gift or you are so talented.  Of course I am humbled by and nourished by those kind words but those comments only tell part of what could be the real truth of making serious traditional art.   I believe that they refer to only one third of the essential elements of what it takes to endeavor along this crazy path. I'm convinced that it takes some amount of a gift from above and or genetics.  I also believe that quality art study and influential instructors and peers need to be an intrinsic part of your path.   ............The last and most important piece, by far I believe, is that you must possess a very high level of sheer will power, patience and perseverance.  This is absolutely necessary to weather the swirling thermal winds that sweep an artist along.  You are alternately elevated to places of great euphoria and beauty and in a another instant can be brought to very low places of sustained struggle.  This applies to the making of a painting and to the making of a career in art.


So caught by the winds, I have arrived at this place. Stops along the way after The American Academy of Art have included graphic design and illustration in the late 1980s, a move from Chicago to Cincinnati in 1989 to work at Gibson Greetings, and a patron of the arts giving me my Big break in 1991 to begin the path of creating canvases for galleries and private commissions.


At each resting spot or turn in direction, I have been blessed, privileged and honored to meet many amazing people, many of whom I call friends to this day.   I have rubbed elbows with Governors, Corporate executives, significant art dealers and collectors and even made a trip to The White House to see my art on a Christmas ornament on the official tree.


The most significant oasis along the way has turned out to be The Cincinnati Art Club, founded in 1890, which became an important part of my life exactly one century later :)  Most of my business connections and the majority of my friendships are all due to the nurturing art community there of which I have been a part.  I have learned much from many there and given back to more than a few by way of teaching what I know. 


Not too many years ago now.....a strong wind blew me in a sideways direction, far off of my intended path. After that storm subsided, I now live under the moniker "Cancer Survivor".  I had to make my way through a long dark tunnel of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, but now my prognosis is very good, thanks to prayers answered, doctors' great efforts and caring and kindness of others.  My gratitude and humility are profound.


So now, as one can imagine, the new, GORGEOUS light of hopes and dreams illuminate my world outside of that tunnel. It lights my subjects, my palette and my forward vision for a long future of life, family and making art.


 I'm look forward new inspirations, creative moments of clarity and hope to capture as best I can to help others see what they might normally , simply pass by.


Only the Meteorologist above knows where the winds will blow me next, but I hope that I have a good shady spot there from which I can splatter a little Raw Siena around to begin my next canvas.

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