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   Oil Painters of America, on-line Class        


This is a new offering, for now, only for OPA members.

A once a week class on Friday mornings (likely 11 a.m. EST), with very limited space for now.  As I find the right effective balance of offering my in-person content to an on-line small group of students, I may offer another day or two per week to accommodate others' schedules. Only time will tell. please read the description on the "Overview" page and watch the intro videos.  They will give you a sense of who I am and how I teach.   There is information of how I teach in a cumulative method, adding layer upon layer.  so it is important to give this a pretty strong degree of commitment to a weekly class.  If that is not a possibility, this may not be the right offering for you.  (Vacations, normal occasional skipping, will be worked out. but staying with the group will be important for all.)

If you are assigned a space in the on-line class (due to limited spots for now) , the purchase of my "Sophisticated Fundamentals, First Class Lecture - Part One video will be required before class session begins. (link below in "Get Started Now" box) Even if you choose not to participate in the class or are unable to participate in the class, I think you will find the video a valuable resource that you can view again and again - make sure you save your password!

I will begin taking names for the first come, first served class as soon as this is made available through OPA.  please fill out the form below.  I will be only taking 12-15 students for the first class. this number could vary as I learn how this will work in the "likely" Zoom platform format.  If you are able to attend a Friday morning class beginning weekly in August, please request entry and register with the form below.  a reply will be sent back to you if there was space available or if you have been placed on a wait list for next class offerings.

The cost of the class will be $45 for each weekly session, which will last no less than two hours, no more than three. If it fleshes out like my in person classes, most class lengths will lean toward the latter. Once we begin,  the class fee can be paid either weekly or per session using the "buy now" button on my contact page. 

General format each day.

review homework (as a group) 15-20 minutes

lecture/demo 1 hour - 1.25 hours

in-class assignment 1 hour - 1.25 hours

set new assignment for group

these are just general thoughts of the schedule.  some days I may demo longer.  some days you may work on in class assignments longer.

thank you for your interest and patience in advance as I try this newer format.

Happy Painting!!

Contact us if interested in on-line lessons,
please fill out this form.

If there is room for you to start, you will be sent details of class ,

start date, etc.   If no room is available, you will be put on a wait list and notified when additional classes are available. Please express if you are available of Friday morning at 11 am. EST or if not, would Saturday morning at the same time work for you.

Thanks for submitting!

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