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David, a graduate of The American Academy of Art, Chicago, now makes his home in the greater Cincinnati area, in a peaceful and picturesque location of Northern Ky.  


Since 1989, he has been creating renderings for many private, state and corporate collectors, including two Gubernatorial and one State Senatorial portrait that hang in the Ohio State capital. Significant works hang in Proctor and Gamble, Cincinnati, St. Peter in Chains Cathedral, Cincinnati and many notable individual collectors locally, nationally and Internationally..  

Mueller has been accepted into and won awards in numerous national and regional exhibitions including in the following organizations.

The Art Renewal Center, Oil Painters of America, National Oil and Acrylic Painters, The International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art  and Viewpoint (Cincinnati Art Club).   Most recently he was recognized as a Master Signature Artist in the Oil Painters of America organization. 

David was the youngest board member ever to serve on the Board of Trustees of The Cincinnati Art Club, serving six years beginning at age  of 27.   The Club which was founded in 1890 by such international notables as Frank Duveneck, Henry Farney, John H. Twachtman, Edward Potthast, to name a few.   

He has been represented and exhibited at the following galleries.    Jeffery Morseburg Gallery, Los Angeles - Arcadia Gallery, NYC (one man Show 2005) - Gladwell Patterson Gallery, London - Simie Maryles Gallery, Cape Cod - Reinert Gallery, Charleston, SC - Eisele Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, (major show in 2017) - Greenwich  House Gallery, Cincinnati, OH and more.
His work has appeared on the cover of The Artists Magazine and in many regional print, television, and radio outlets. In 2009, David rendered a Christmas ornament that was displayed on The White House Christmas tree. 


For over 24 years, Mueller has taught "Sophisticated Fundamentals"  painting/drawing to numerous students both privately and in regional workshops. His brick and mortar art classes have had students coming once a week for 18 to 24 months as he shares his knowledge of the common denominators to quality design, draftsmanship (including cast drawing) and rendering in traditional representational art . By paying forward concepts that he gleaned from numerous educational, peer group and historic inspirations, he offers significant tools necessary and well founded in his educational experiences at The American Academy of Art  (1984 - 1987) and many other sources since. 

He has lectured and demonstrated his  techniques and knowledge to many artists at many organizations including,  The Cincinnati Art Club, Oil Painters of America, at a national conference and many other regional organizations. He has also lectured to civic organizations and been a juror or awards judge for many regional and national art organizations including OPA, The Cincinnati Art Cub, Cincinnati Women's art Club, Akron Society of arts, Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors, Richmond Indiana Art Museum, and more.    

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